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Alessa Wholesale brings you gorgeous leggings at super low wholesale prices. Our wholesale leggings may have the lowest cheap prices but don’t be fooled – they are super soft, comfortable and come in so many different fashion prints. Our leggings are what we call “soft feel” which means they pass the customer feel test. Once a customer puts them on it is a WOW that makes you think how could I get a pair of nice soft comfortable leggings at this price? In the soft feel material we offer full length wholesale leggings, wholesale capri leggings and wholesale stretchy shorts.The full length affordable wholesale leggings come in solid colors in both fleece and non-fleece as well as many different assortments of current fashions. Styling is always kept fresh to keep up with customers fast changing tastes and a desire to have something different. The inexpensive “over the knee” wholesale capri leggings are also offered in solid colors as well as prints. The stretchy shorts are available in fashion print assortments only.The full length low price leggings are just that – full length to the ankle. However, fit does vary depending on body length and width so sometimes your full length leggings may not go all the way to your ankle if you are very tall by chance. The capri leggings are what we call “over the knee” as they just cover up your knee. The fashion stretchy shorts have a 4 inch inseam and are all day comfortable. All are in the “FREE SIZE” where one size fits most. Fit always varies of course but customer feedback has shown that this free size can sometimes fit up to a size 16.


Solid Color Low Price Wholesale Fleece Leggings - Alessa Theresa        Inexpensive Printed Floral Wholesale Leggings for Fall - ALESSA DONNA F18-2      Printed Affordable Wholesale Leggings - ALESSA DONNA F18-1

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Solid Color Low Price Wholesale Capri Leggings - Alessa Emily        Inexpensive Printed Floral Wholesale Capri Leggings - ALESSA KYRA FLORAL      Printed Affordable Wholesale Capri Leggings - ALESSA KYRA-PRINTS

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                                             Wholesale Printed Stretchy Shorts - Alessa AVA_PRINTS        Inexpensive Wholesale Camouflage Stretchy Shorts - ALESSA AVA CAMOUFLAGE

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